Who doesn’t love a weekend road trip? Even if you take turns driving, you still get time as a passenger to put your feet up on the seat or the dashboard, kick back and relax! Now, where did you put those snacks? And why can’t you find your sunglasses?

Instead of rummaging around in your weekend travel tote in search of road trip essentials, heed the road trip packing advice of beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger Miss Crystal. On her YouTube channel, Miss Crystal recently posted a “What’s In My Weekend Travel Bag?” video featuring OTG|247’s bag organizer system.

In the video, Miss Crystal demonstrates how she packs her large weekend travel bag full of road trip necessities. While the video is geared toward showcasing Miss Crystal’s organizational ideas, the content can also help you formulate a road trip packing list. And, by simply placing all the liquids in a clear TSA-approved #4 Nudie bag from OTG|247, you can apply Miss Crystal’s packing tips to your carry-on tote bag as well!

Here’s how Miss Crystal recommends using the OTG|247’s large bag organizer system for weekend trip packing. Along with her laptop, sunscreen, vitamins, mints, allergy meds, hand sanitizer, tea bags, and coffee creamers, Miss Crystal suggests packing the following:

1 x #5 Nudie Black bag – Fill with snacks. The clear window makes it easy to spot the treat of your choice, and the quick-open zip top lets you get in fast and grab what you need (which is especially handy when you’re in a hurry to satiate the hangry). Plus, the wipe-clean waterproof lining is a snap to clean!

1 x #4 bag in Colleen Stripe Gold – Use this bag organizer insert like a little purse and store your lip gloss, car keys, wallet, business cards, sunglasses, and compact inside. That way, when you make a pit stop, you can leave your large tote behind and take along the much-sleeker #4 instead.

1 x #4 bag for your pharmacy on the go – Pack your makeup, OTC drugs, feminine products, and Kleenex in here!

While Miss Crystal doesn’t specifically use her #8 bag in Nicole Dot Gold in her weekend travel bag, she does highlight that the waterproof travel organizer pouch would be great to use on longer trips and for storing things like wet swimsuits and sweaty yoga wear. She also considers the #8 OTG|247 bag to be a good size for carrying papers to and from business meetings.

That’s just it: what makes the OTG|247 organizational bag system so popular is its versatility. OTG|247 bags are stylish and practical. They’re designed to keep you organized and looking good in almost any situation encountered while living your busy lifestyle. From work to play, vacation to every day, whether you’re at the gym or taking a swim, OTG|247 bags help you get organized and go!

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June 27, 2018 — Amie Swan