Do all prints come in every size bag?

No, certain prints come in certain sizes. Visit for up-to-date information on the collections available.

Why don’t all of the bags have hooks to add straps?

The original concept was to be able to convert all of the bags with a strap, however, after much testing we decided that too much hardware makes your bag really heavy if you have multiple bags in your bag...which the line is made for. Furthermore, some of the shapes aren’t conducive to straps.

Why don’t all bags have a gusset for more space and expansion?

Currently, the #7 FOODIE and #9 TECHIE have gussets since they have an extra layer of padding/insulation...the other sizes don’t need a gusset since they don’t have the extra layer and they expand as needed. 

How do you clean OTG|247 bags?

Simply wipe it with a damp sponge and soap or use a magic eraser for tough spots. You can actually rinse out the inside too!  Watch our video here!

Can I add my logo to OTG|247 bags?
Yes, we can do a completely custom bag design or we can screen-print existing bags.  Contact for more information.

How do I cancel my OO Bag Club subscription?
Email if you wish to cancel your subscription.

Can I exchange or return my OO Bag Club order?

All OO Bag Club sales are final. No exchanges or refunds. Please view our policy here.

Can the bags be embroidered?

Yes, we have several Stockists that offer in-house personalization through embroidery. However, OTG|247 is not responsible for related damages of the bags after embroidery as it ruins the integrity of the material.

Will you support my non-profit organization?

Giving back is important to OTG|247, it is part of our corporate philosophy. Please send donation requests to for consideration.

Will my #7 Foodie bag keep perishable items fresh? 

Our #7 Foodie bag is designed to keep your stuff dry and drinks cool.  Perishable items (such as milk, formula, or perishable food) should not kept in the Foodie or left out of the refrigerator or other constant cold source for more than two hours.

Where are OTG|247 bags made? 

Our bags are made overseas in Qingdao, Shandong, China.