This month our founder and president Amie Swan was featured in Denver's local magazine "Shoutout Colorado". Learn about why Amie started OTG|247, her favorite spots in Denver, and who inspires her the most.

"If it is true that good ideas are born out of necessity, then OTG|247 is proof of concept. As my life grew busier and busier, I became aggravated with constantly digging through the bottomless pit of my bag. I felt like I was a “hot mess”…totally unorganized…not to mention I was trashing all of my fabulous bags. Remember, it only takes one lip gloss or pen explosion to ruin a bag and I have ruined many bags. I searched far and wide for a line of stylish bags to help organize and protect the INSIDE of my bag. Nothing with enough variety, style or good quality existed. That is the moment OTG|247 was born." - Amie Swan

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May 14, 2024 — Alexis Kunde