When traveling, what’s worse than having a cranky child whining for their favorite stickers in the tiny airplane seat next to you and being unable to find anything in the bottom of your carry-on? Or maybe your baby is crying hysterically, and you can’t for the life of you locate her pacifier you know you put in your bag.

You’re dropping band-aids, hand sanitizer, and stray hair ties all over the floor of the airplane and onto the person next to you. Do either of these disasters sound familiar?

As moms, we are constantly trying to juggle All. The. Things. And when we travel that includes all our things, and our kids’ gear, too.

This is precisely why, at The Family Backpack, we love our OTG|247 bags. From airplane rides to taking the kids to a local restaurant, OTG|247 bags help make packing, unpacking and traveling a cinch.

Similar to how OTG|247 makes organizing simple, we created The Family Backpack as a resource to make family travel easier and even more fun.

The Family Backpack takes the best family travel blogs and makes the curated content searchable. It enables busy parents to plan family vacations – both domestically and internationally – much faster and easier while still feeling like they put some time into their vacation research.

Combining our passion for family travel and the need for ease we’re sharing a few of The Family Backpack Founder, Andrea Khan’s, top items she packs in her backpack when traveling with kids:

- A pashmina (this works as a scarf, a nursing cover-up, a blanket, a swimsuit cover-up, a pillow...)

- Wipes (even with older kids - these come in handy)

- Gum & snacks 

- Any first-aid or smaller necessities such as Epipens, chewable Benadryl, children’s and adult pain relievers, a nail file, hand sanitizer, lotion, band-aids, pacifiers, and hair ties all stay organized in our #4 OTG bag

- Earbuds, chargers, business cards all fit well in the #3 OTG bag

- A notebook & pen, book, laptop (#9 OTG bag is ideal for these items)

- Evian Brumisateur facial spray to help combat dehydration

- Depending on the ages of your kids they may each carry their own backpacks, and OTG|247 Travel Bags (such as #6 OTG bag) work perfectly for all their little items, such as Legos, crayons, stickers, headphones, etc. 

The Family Backpack + OTG|247  bags = your winning combination for making family travel easier. 

Wheels up!

By Andrea Khan, Founder of The Family Backpack

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsey for Flytographer, Lake Tahoe

April 18, 2018 — Amie Swan