Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start packing for beach vacas! Whether you’re headed on a weekend getaway  to the islands or a week in Los Angeles, take some of my tips below to get ready and organized for your trip!

Here’s how I use OTG|247 bags to pack my travel must-haves:

Travel Tote Packing:
#1 bag: This bag LIVES in my travel tote. It gives me easy access to our I.D. and/or passport, phone and card case. If you’re trying to travel light, I recommend using your beach tote as your travel tote!

#5 and #6 Nudie bags: These also live in my travel tote. The #6 is PERFECT to keep your phone charger and headphones organized, while the #5 Nudie carries my liquids and makeup to help get through security faster. Best part is that the #5 Nudie is amazing for keeping sunscreens in your beach bag once you get to the ocean!

#6 bag With a Strap: I’ll put all of my cute accessories in one of these—fun earrings and my Apple watch for outdoor activities!  BONUS, I take my strap and use it as a cross body when out sightseeing!

#9 Techie: While I DEFINITELY recommend trying to leave your work and laptop at home, I know it’s not always possible, so bring it in style in a #9 Techie! Your iPad will also fit perfectly in here in your laptop so you can read or watch Friends on the plane.

Carry-On Packing:
#8 bags: I carry two of these in my carry on—one for our undies and another for bikinis! Once you get to where you’re staying, use the bags to bring a change of clothes to the beach or pool and take your wet suit home…the bags are waterproof!

#10 bags: I bring several of these to keep my outfits together so there’s no second guessing my look. The worst is packing a bunch of clothes that don’t go together and freaking out once you get to your destination! Plan out your outfits for each day ahead of time, try them on, take a picture if you need to, and put the outfits in your #10 bags for a no-hassle vacation.

I’m sure your wondering where your beach hat will go—unless you’ve got extra suitcases to fit a hat box, looks like you’re going to be wearing it on the plane!

I hope you have a safe, fun and ORGANIZED vacation this summer! Send us a picture or use #OTG247travel to share how you’re using your OTG|247 bags to keep your travel plans together.   

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May 25, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Holly