Diaper Bag Essentials | Organized Mom | OTG|247 Organizational Bag System

Your Diaper Bag Essentials: Organized

An organized diaper bag can save you time and headache. Say goodbye to diaper bag digging and say hello to diaper bag rigging with the OTG|247 organized mom diaper bag system.


OTG|247 bags make the perfect diaper bag organization pouches. They're available in a variety of fun colors and prints (including gender neutral), but more importantly, their waterproof linings wipe clean in a snap! Plus, the OTG|247 organized mom diaper bag system lets you rock a little more style and turn any large tote into a diaper bag – the pouches protect the inside of your fab bag from crushed Goldfish crackers and stains.

The OTG|247 Organized Mom Diaper Bag System

Ready to live your best, most organized life? Shop the OTG|247 organized mom diaper bag system below and start packing everything you need in your diaper bag while keeping it in order.

How It Works

For rolled burp cloths, swaddle blankets, bibs and pajamas


Padded storage for an iPad (or for multitasking mommy’s laptop)


For keeping the diapers, changing pad and extra clothes (in case of a blowout) together


For stowing toys and books (choose clear to instantly see what's inside)


Insulated storage for breastmilk, formula, snacks, bottles and sippy cups

With Strap

For stashing soiled clothes and diapers (the wipe-clean waterproof lining is a big plus here and the strap helps you quickly locate items to launder)


For storing extra batteries, chargers and headphones


For diaper cream, hand sanitizer and wipes


For first aid items like Band Aids, antibiotic ointment, Benadryl and Tylenol


For pacifiers and teethers


For mommy’s phone, credit card and keys (add the short strap to always find your essentials and the long strap to grab and go when leaving the diaper bag behind)