Handbag Organization 

Bag-In-Bag Organization Handbag SystemWhen you are constantly on-the-go, your bag isn’t just a bag. It’s everything! You need quick and easy access to your life: your phone, devices, keys, makeup, wallet and credit cards… and your emergency stash of chocolate. But finding the right items at the right time - that’s the real challenge. When you can’t let disorganization slow you down, OTG|247 cuts the clutter. Beautifully.

Practical, Stylish, You

Our bag organizational system offers a streamlined solution to simplify your life. Whether you’re toting your laptop, your gym shoes, makeup (to reapply after the gym!), healthy, pick-me-up snacks, or supplies to keep the kids entertained, OTG|24 has you covered. Select the appropriate bags, stash your stuff, and go.


Each of our bags is meticulously designed and constructed with a zip top closure, custom brass knot pull, and wipe-clean waterproof lining. The vegan waterproof leather is luscious, soft, and sustainable. With bold color and pattern choices, you can be sure your interior bags shine just fine on their own.

Ready, Set... Organized

Organization is easy — when you have the right tools. Our bag organization system works because it is so simple, so effortless, and so chic! When you’re on the go, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, make sure you have a bag for everything… and everything in its bag.


Organizational Bag Sets