Everyone knows the best space saver bags for travel are those that really work. However, if those space saver packing bags also happen to look fabulous, it sure doesn’t hurt! On YouTube, lifestyle blogger LuxMommy recently demonstrated some of her best packing tips while showing how OTG|247’s organizational bags work as suitcase packing pouches and complement her chic fashion sense.


While providing luggage packing tips, LuxMommy showcased the practical nature and luxury styling of the OTG|247 organizational pouches for packing clothes for travel. In her “How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Boss” video, she shares packing techniques for fitting a week’s worth of clothing and travel essentials into carry-on luggage. Here’s how she did it.


Packing Clothes for Travel

In her packed luggage, LuxMommy utilized a #10 Nudie bag in tan to pack five shirts and one dress. She also used a #10 Nudie bag in tan to pack three pairs of shorts and two pairs of jeans, giving her a total of six outfits. The versatility of her selections when packing clothes for travel no doubt gave her the ability to repurpose tops and bottoms and stretch her wardrobe out another day to complete the week.


When packing to travel, organized packing of your more personal clothing is also a must. LuxMommy used an OTG|247 #8 Nudie bag in tan to keep seven pairs of underwear, one bra, one bralette, and two pairs of pajamas together and in order for the week.

Packing Things for Travel

LuxMommy’s suitcase packing tips didn’t stop at clothing: they continued to cover packing things for travel. As travel packing tips for stowing toiletries and shoes in carry-on luggage, she recommended using a #4 Nudie bag in tan from OTG|247 for packing hair tools, ties and serums, and a second #4 Nudie bag for storing sink and shower essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face scrub, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.


Fans of the OTG|247 organizational bag system already know this, but newcomers may not: clear Nudie bags are TSA approved bags for liquids. In addition, all OTG|247 bags feature waterproof, wipe-clean linings, so any accidental leakage is contained and easily cleaned (even hosed off)!


This fact also comes in handy when packing shoes for travel. In her video, LuxMommy showed she was able to fit four pairs of flats and sandals into her carry-on luggage using a #8 Nudie bag in tan.

The Best Packing Organizers Do Double Duty

Another one of LuxMommy’s packing ideas for vacation: because OTG|247’s organizational bags are made of waterproof leather, they can do double duty as beach bags for your beach vacation! Plus, the waterproof travel bags can be reused to stash wet and dirty clothes in your packed luggage on the way home.


LuxMommy also discussed in her packing tips for travel video her use of a #5 tan bag from OTG|247 to store jewelry and an extra pair sunglasses, citing that the #5 bag could double as a day or night clutch purse.

Carry-On Luggage Packed: Now onto the Personal Item

Lastly, in her Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote, LuxMommy added a #2 OTG|247 bag in Kelly Gato Black for makeup essentials and travel papers. She deliberately chose a fun cat print bag, so the very-important pouch would stand out in the sea of Louis Vuitton monogram inside her tote.

Bonus Content: Family Vacation Travel Organization Tips

In a second YouTube Video titled “What I Packed + Wore on Family Vacation,” LuxMommy again demonstrated a penchant for organized travel by highlighting her use of four #10 Nudie bags while camping.



Among her travel organizing tips was her placement of the four #10 OTG|247 bags filled with tops, bathing suits, underwear, bralettes, and shorts in her open suitcase, poised and at the ready, allowing quick and easy, grab-and-go access to her camping wardrobe staples.


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June 27, 2018 — Amie Swan
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