We are super excited to be heading to the beach next week for Spring Break! With that said, I want to make sure I pack everything we need for a stress free trip so I am not running around looking for items when we get there. I pack in OTG|247 bags to keep me organized. Also, the fact that they are waterproof is super convenient!

Here is a list of what to pack for a trip to the beach

- Wallet and phone - These essentials are a must to have regardless of the setting, and keeping them dry and safe are a priority. The OTG|247 #1 Bag size is great to grab and go for just my essentials when on adventures.  Also, it is great for extra security in the airport, use the short strap to hook it on to the handle of your tote…easy to access and super safe from pick pockets.

- Sunscreen and Chapstick - I like to keep the “liquids” separate from everything else in my bag and the greatest part is if one of the bottles explodes on the way there, you just wipe out the bag. The OTG|247 bags are perfect for keeping the liquids separate and easily cleaned as they are vegan leather and water resistant. 

- Snacks & Drinks - some refreshments are a must for a big group full of kids. We pack snack and drinks for our beach walks and day excursions. Separate these items with our organizational handbags for easy access. 

- Goggles, sunglasses, sunhat and water shoes - We have got to be prepared for the sun so we can play on the beach all day! What is a beach day without accessories? Pack these in an easily cleaned organizational bag or separate each kids items with a colorful print of their own. Let the family choose a handbag style that they love.

- Bathing suits & attire - I will roll several bathing suits, cover ups and rash guards tightly while packing and place them in the OTG|247 #10 bag. When we get to the beach, I will use this bag in my beach bag for clean clothes. The greatest part is when everyone changes back into their clean clothes, they can just put their wet sandy stuff back in the bag! 

Happy packing and have a fabulous spring break! Be sure to browse our organization & fashionable bags for a day on the beach or hectic life on the go.