When packing up for a quick trip to the market takes a half hour and you leave with four bags of diapers, books, snacks, and who knows what - the thought of packing for a trip can be overwhelming! With two kids, the amount of stuff we need is crazy. My sanity-saving trick: using suitcase organizer bags.

Travel Suitcase Organizer: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Now that I’m a mom, I’m packing for three (hubby is on his own). To minimize hassle and save space, I try to use one suitcase. Packing cubes turn it into a modular space, so I can make sure our stuff is separated, neat, and organized. Kendall gets blue, Stella has purple, and I’m red.


Next, I put like items together and use my OTG|247 bags to get super organized: the kids will be using their PJs and swimsuits all the time, for example, so they go together in a tote. Devices, chargers, and books are packed up together. This makes it easy to just pull out a tote and go. I love using my Nudie clear organizational bag for travel, because the clear sides let me see exactly what’s inside. No more digging around in the suitcase for an item that’s inevitably at the very bottom!


If we’re going on a longer trip or need bulky items (like winter coats), I depend on a space-saving travel suitcase organizer like my #10 bag and my travel folders. Travel folders compress the big items to free up space. Then, of course, the mittens, hats, and scarves go in a smaller tote.


I pack my #2 bag with our first aid supplies and sunscreen, add a tote for laundry, and we’re good to go.


But don’t forget the car! Whether you are driving or headed to the airport, the kids are going to need some supplies to make for a smooth ride. I load up my insulated #7 Foodie bag with cold drinks and snacks and don’t have to worry about leaks. We can also use the Foodie for picnics on the road or at our destination.


Suitcase organizer bags make traveling with kids easy. Well, ok, you’re still traveling with kids. It’s not always easy! But at least you’ll be organized!