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Travel Organization Bags

An organized carry-on bag can save you time and headache in the airport security line, on the plane, and at your final destination. Speaking of airport security, you'll sail on through with OTG|247's clear Nudie bags -- the greener, chicer, TSA-approved way to travel with liquids. Try them, and you'll bid the ZIPLOC bon voyage forever!

Carry-On & Suitcase Organizer Bags

In addition to being carry-on organizational musts, OTG|247 bags are suitcase organizational musts. They're available in a variety of sizes, colors and prints (great for color-coding as well as accessorizing), but more importantly, their waterproof linings wipe clean! That way, your soggy swimsuit or sweaty workout clothes won't soil your dry-clean-only little black dress.

How It Works

For full outfits, scarves, tanks or delicate sweaters


Padded storage for your laptop or iPad and charger


For your swimsuits, jammies, workout clothes or even a pair of shoes


Insulated storage for airport-acquired food and beverage (doubles as a cooler for picnics and more at your final destination...psst, it fits 2 bottles of vino)

With Strap

For all your tech...portable power bank, cords, travel speaker and selfie stick (Bonus: rock the #6 with strap as a safe and stylish cross-body bag while exploring new locales)


For your "personals" -- panties, bras, etc. (bag also doubles as a clutch)


For your liquids and beauty essentials (choose TSA-approved Nudie clear)


For your Advil, Band Aids and medication


For in-flight necessities like gum, lip balm, powder and tissues


For your phone, wallet or card case, sunglasses and boarding pass (comes with cross-body and wristlet straps...for extra security, wrap the wristlet strap around the handle of your tote)