How to Organize your Ski Bag for Spring Break

Spring Break is approaching and it’s time to let loose and explore! This Spring, my family and I decided to go on a much needed ski trip. Whether you are mastering the advanced course or hopping down the bunny hill, it’s important to stay organized in an efficient way. Ski attire can be bulky enough, so make sure you pack lightly when you are hitting the slopes.

I have created a guide for first time skiing enthusiasts for what you and your family should bring to be prepared and most importantly be safe, and have fun! Of course, I am taking my favorite On the Go Bags, the #10, #8 and the #4 bag.

#10 Bag

I use my number #10 bag to keep larger items for what I need after a long day of skiing. I usually keep my #10 bag in my locker of the resort for quick access.

  • Extra Socks - One thing that I’ve always found that my family and I needed were extra socks for during & after our skiing adventures. Nothing can dampen (pun intended) your vacation like being stuck in cold, wet socks. I usually pack at least one extra pair of wool socks if I need a quick change before I go back on the slopes again.
  • Extra Long Johns - Always pack water resistant material when you are shopping for gear. That means no cotton long johns, because they never dry! I always keep extra pairs so we can change quickly in the locker room and get right back to skiing.

#8 Bag

The #8 bag is great to hold items with me when I am walking around the resort in between activities to keep my family’s items safe and above all, dry!

  • Ski Goggles - This may sound funny, but it’s easy to forget to pack these guys. Make sure that your eyes are protected from the elements like the sun, snow, and wind.
  • Fur Beanie Hat - Keeping your head covered is a must! You lose most of your body heat in this area. This makes all the difference in staying warm all day, especially for the kiddos.  And, you don’t want to run around with helmet hair!
  • Hand-warmers -Especially for kids, this is a must to keep their hands warm on the coldest of days. You can also put these hand-warmers in your little one’s ski boots as well.

#4 Bag

The #4 bag is the perfect size to bring with you on the slopes. It is compact and won’t weigh you down or add extra bulk to your gear. These are my essentials that I put in my #4 bag when I’m physically out skiing.

  • Chapstick - Protect you and your children’s sensitive lips from the dry wind and apply chapstick throughout the day.
  • Sunscreen Stick - It may be cold but the sun actually reflects off the white snow and makes the sun that much more intense! Make sure you use sunscreen on your face, or any exposed areas.
  • Band-aids - Of course we never plan for an accident but I always keep a small amount of first aid-supplies with us just in case.
  • Credit Card/Cash - Getting hot choclate and other goodies shouldn’t involve a trip back to the locker room. To keep our day going I always keep my credit card ready for a snack break.
  • Lift Ticket/Ski Pass- There is nothing fun about getting to the lift and not having your pass


{O}verly {O}ranized Abby