Time to Organize the Gym Bag! Bikini Season is around the corner!

Let’s face it Bikini Season is around the corner and we need to kick our health game into gear! Getting to the gym can be the hardest part, right? Sometimes that’s the case but having an organized gym bag can make life easier. I get it- after a long day of work you can lose momentum if you make that trip home first.


To make life easier, I have set out a list to help you all get organized so you can tackle the gym like a pro and make Beyoncé proud!


  1. Carry protein-rich snacks for before and after your workout. The #7 Foodie bag is perfect for storing protein bars, shakes and other snacks like trail mix within your gym bag. After all no one wants to eat a smashed protein bar that’s been living in a shoe for days.

  1. Keep your gym shoes separate. It goes without saying that your sneakers can smell a little funky from time to time. Keep your shoes in a #8 or #10 bag with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets absorb the odor and dampness of your shoes for your next trip to the gym.

  1. Always carry backup headphones in a protective bag. Forgetting your headphones at the gym can be borderline soul-crushing. Always have a back up pair in your gym bag just in case. Having your headphones securely in a #2 bag can make them last longer.

  1. Roll your gym clothes “sleeping bag style” to save the most room. This has been a long-time technique used by the military to save the most space in a bag. Try it out and see the difference it makes.  Post workout take your sweaties home in a #8 bag …REMEMBER, the bags are waterproof so you can just wipe it out when you get home!

I hope that by becoming more organized you feel like you can take on the gym & own the new organized you! Save room and make the most of your space when you use on the go bags to help!



Love, Abby


February 21, 2019 — Amie Swan