OTG|247 2018 Holiday Gift Guide | Give the Gift of Organization 

The holidays are fast approaching and by now you’ve probably made your list and checked it twice trying to find each person the perfect gift. Let’s face it, some people are impossible to shop for. The hardest part about shopping for friends is that you’ve probably bought them every practical gift in the book. In case you need a little extra help searching out the perfect gift, check out our list of OTG|247 faves because you can’t go wrong giving the gift of organization. It is time to make shopping for your family and friends simple again. I hope you’re ready because it’s time to cross off those hard-to-shop-for family members from your holiday gift grab list.

The Traveler 

If you’re like me, you have at least one travel friend within your circle. That one friend who is always on the move— and I do mean always. Why not simplify their next flight a little? With Bag #4, your traveler can keep germ free on their next trip. This bag is a stylish way to tuck away wipes, tissues, sanitizer, and even medications. Pair it with the ever-versatile Bag #8. This bag is large enough to hold shoes and a change of clothes. Talk about perfect to have on hand in case of an unexpected layover. This bag is waterproof leather so no worries if turbulence causes their neighbor’s drink to spill. Clean up is easy. Top off the perfect traveling trifecta by adding Bag #10. Imagine the look on your favorite traveler’s face when they realize you found a bag large enough to fit their vlogging equipment and planning folders neatly that is also stylish. Talk about an unstoppable gift.

The Professional 

Do you know a recent or soon-to-be college graduate? The perfect holiday gifts can serve as the perfect work accessories. One thing I remember about walking into the corporate world is that is your feet start to hurt. Prepare your young professional for those walks through downtown for lunch meetings by gifting them Bag #8. This stylish bag is the perfect place to store an emergency pair of flats, extra pantyhose, and hairbrush. This holiday season you can even help protect and store their major files while they are on the go with Bag #10.. Carrying around large manila folders and briefcases are the things you see in 1980s films. OTG|247 Bags are how those who live in the current manage business professional living. Save them the pain of chunky laptop cases that throw off the fun and carefree style by adding Bag #9 into their box. This bag easily stores a laptop, tablet, iPad, and Kindle. What’s even better is that it comes with a removable strap perfect for adding a fashionable crossbody look.

The Parent  

Parents need a break. With all the purchases they make for their kids, it’s critical that they at least receive gifts to help ease the parenting process. Give the mom in your life Bag #7 and they will be thanking you into the new year. This bag is perfect for storing snacks, baby bottles and drinks for kids and “mommy juice” for mom. The sunken zipper adds for maximum insulation and the waterproof lining makes for easy cleanup. Handing out snacks on the way to afternoon activities has never been so easy or looked so good. Speaking of activities, Bag #8 is perfect for the on the go parent to store sports gear for the kids. Know a new mom? This bag is also a stylish way to store diaper changing kit. No doubt this bag will get through the tough years of parenting— and there are indeed some tough parenting years. Make those tough moments a little easier with Bag #6. No, it won’t make them listen, but it’s a great way to store distractions like action figures, race cars, crayons, and paper. Anything to help a mom keep her cool while raising her little ones.  And it converts to a cross body for running errands.

The Girly Girl 

Do you have a tween or makeup lover on your hands? Bag #2 is the perfect stocking stuffer. Not only is it able to hold makeup touch up must-haves and extremely cute but, it also is easy to wipe clean. That’s a major lifesaver when it comes to dust from eyeshadows and power foundations. Pair it with a #5 Bag and the girly girl in your life will be able to carry her #2 bag along with her charger, headphones, selfie stick, and even perfume.

The Dog Lover 

Being a dog mom is all fun and games until you’re trying to hold on your Old English Sheepdog while trying to pull out doggie mess bags and pull out treats from your pocket. There are never enough pockets on workout tights to fit everything you need for a long dog walk. This holiday season, gift the dog owner in your life with Bag #1. This bag makes it easy to keep key, cards, cash, chapstick, and dog bags on hand. The attachable straps means both hands are free. The #2 Bag makes storing dog treats easy and mess-free. Clean up is as easy as wiping out the crumbs. They will be forever grateful and their dog will be excited to get on with the rest of the walk.

The MAN 

Men are easily the hardest to shop for and that is crazy to believe since they are pleased with the most simple of gifts. No need to pull out the tech magazines because there are OTG|247 Bags for the modern man. Bag #4 in black is the perfect pocket accessory for any man as it takes on the look of a sleek wallet. The man in your life can store his money clip and shades. Bag #10 is perfect for the athlete. This bag comes in a cool black and is a perfect fit for him to store wraps and gloves for kickboxing or even a change of shoes for the gym. The defined corners will help pull together his outfit while giving a masculine look.

The Wino 

For the wine lover in your life, there’s not much you need to do other than buy Bag #7 and pair it with two of their favorite wines. This insulated bag will help keep chilled wines cool while they travel from party to party. Yes! That means no more of their wine sweating in the purse. The 48” removable straps make for easy hand free movement. Your friend will be glad you gifted them this cool bag, especially when they realize it’ll be perfect to keep their soups and to-go containers warm also. The no-worry easy wipe clean bag means there’s no sweat if there’s a leak or spill. Talk about a win-win of a gift.


Organization is the gift that keeps on giving!

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