New Year, New Organized You! 

With the new year comes a fresh start. Of course, everyone sets New Year’s resolutions but not many people can follow through. The major reason we fall short is lack of organization. Crazy how fixing one part of your life brings about a flood of positive change. If you’re looking to get it together this year, allow me, the queen of organization, to give you a few tips to carry into 2019.

Start Small

We all love the idea of jumping into a new lifestyle headfirst but you have to stay realistic. Let’s say you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off this year. You can make a plan to cut sweets, soda and log 2-hour daily gym sessions but the stress from becoming a brand new person may cause you to quit prematurely. Start small with little life changes. Pack a healthy snack in your Bag #7 to avoid the drive-thrus and keep your pre-workout shake cool before your evening jog.

Use One Calendar

We’ve all at one point overbooked ourselves. The biggest mistake people make is having multiple calendars. Yes, it’s nice to separate work, personal and social calendars but keeping all of the dates in one place rather than having to search for each calendar saves time and helps to prevent double booking yourself.  I actually use the calendar in my phone- then I can invite work and hubbs for family stuff.  Also, hubbs can see my calendar for kiddo stuff and travel schedule.

Then I keep a detailed planner in my Bag #9 with my laptop and a traditional school paper calendar, the thin ones that show the month in full....for visual, but I add all appointments to my phone. Believe it or not, I also store my receipts in a pocket within my planner to help me keep track of extra spending including using my favorite finance apps on the phone so I can be visual and on a realistic budget.

Divide and Conquer

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rather than overload your mind with a major project break it into bite-sized chunks. I keep a master notebook of my list of things to do and I break it down by Work and Personal...nothing makes me happier than crossing things I put everything I have to do on there & obviously keep it in my Bag #8 to have it with me at all times. If you’re thinking about re-landscaping your backyard, section it off. Start with expanding the porch one month and building your dream fire pit next. Not only will your brain thank you for the break from stress but you’ll feel more accomplished every time you mark off another task and move one step closer to completion.

Last but not least Prioritize Your List to Do.

Mine are FAMILY then WORK.  Delegate anything you can possibly delegate and focus on the ones you actually have to do.  IE, I use grocery delivery. I go one time per month to the store and stock up on all of the pantry items I might need....the big shop. Than I use delivery for the fresh stuff....saves me so much time. Having your OTG Card Case ready for the quick store run makes paying that much quicker! Efficiency is the key to success!

Here’s to less stress, brighter smiles, clear minds and organized living in 2019.

Happy New Years!

Love, Amie