Whether you are party hopping on Halloween or chasing your kiddos around the hood trick-or-treating, the #7 FOODIE and #1 cross-body bags are the perfect accessories—in addition to your costume flair, of course.

We all know sugar-amped crowds can be a little crazy. Use the #7 FOODIE to keep your provisions cool and your “roadie” full for a relaxed and stress-free evening. Stock the #1 with your cell, ID, bandaids, safety pins & gloss—you never know when someone is going to get a blister or have a costume disaster.

You will be able to wear all of your Halloween essentials cross-body. The best part is that the bags just wipe clean should you have a candy mishap!

Eat, Drink & KEEP CALM - BOO

October 24, 2016 — Amie Swan