Tis the season to be holly, jolly and filled with bubbly. The winter season is underway and soon the holiday parties will commence. There is nothing more exciting than the social carousel of traveling from house to house for laughs, food and songs with friends and family. Mark and I live for these high energy gatherings every year. It’s a given that at least one celebration will require us to bring a beverage of our own choice and let’s face it— there is nothing worse than a wine fresh out of the fridge that either sweats all over my purse or warms up in route to the celebration destination. This is why Bag #7, the Foodie, is my go-to for these situations. Who said bubbly can't come with you in your bag?

It’s always a great day when I’m not required to lug around an ugly cooler. With my trusty #7, I can keep my wine chilled and the added strap means I’m getting extra comfort along with style. I’m able to carry not 1 but 2 bottles of wine with ease. Once I take out the bottles, I’m left with a fashionable oversized purse that serves as a sleek accessory. Most importantly, this bag serves a secret second purpose. It is perfect for storing leftovers to take home with you. I love that  because I can help Emma tie up her shoes or give goodbye hugs without balancing a container in my hand. The waterproof interior means zero worrying about spills and that sounds like an all-around victory to me.

Your welcome ladies!  Happy Holidays! 🍾


Abby Girl