Travel Hassle-Free WITH OTG|247! 

How well you pack your bag can directly correlate to the success of a trip.  I feel like I have been on enough trips to claim the title “professional packer.”  I’m not the greatest singer but I’m claiming the most efficient and stylish packer title. When I’m packing my bags there is always a goal in mind— keep it simple, convenient, and organized. This summer trip has been the most use I’ve ever gotten out of my OTG|247 bags and not coincidentally, this has been the most freeing trip I’ve ever experienced.

I decided to head to Tennessee to hang with some cousins this summer and when it came time to pack up my suitcases, I figured, why not try something new.  I decided that I would use my OTG|247 bags for more than electronics and toiletries because I had somehow accumulated so many bags within the year.  As I put my outfits together for my trip, I slid them each into #10 bags along with any matching accessories in a #7 FOODIE bag.  The #7 is insulated to keep things cool, however, since the insulation adds another layer of padding and protection for my accessories, I like to pack in it then unpack and use at my destination.  Since it’s summer and the living is hot, most of my outfits require sandals which I designated its own #10 bag.  Having everything in bags made life so much easier. I could omit the hour and a half of unpacking upon hotel arrival. I just pulled out my bags and lined them up in the closet...ready to go. I only physically unpacked the shoes and threw the jewelry in the safe.  Trust me, I saved so much time!

While I was in Tennessee, the family and I decided to hit the Trillium Gap Trail.  I loaded my water, spare cooling towel and snacks in my #7 FOODIE bag.  The insulation kept everything cool until I was ready for it.  You appreciate cool water even more after a hike. The views were amazing and the waterfall was was so nice to take a dip and hang out.  When it was finally time to head out, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I received crazy looks from my cousins, Bethany and Alana, for shoving my wet clothes into my #10 bag that I had emptied my shoes out of and left in the car. I had to pick their jaws from the floor when I told them that all of my OTG|247 bags are waterproof and super easy to clean.  It felt good to toss everything back into my backpack and not worry about my backpack smelling sour at the end of the day. That smell alone could ruin a perfectly good trip. 

Whether you’re going on a big trip or just a few hours up the road, I highly suggest the wardrobe in a bag method. Remember, efficiency is key, you can pack in it and then use it out and about when you get to your destination.  It’s a time saver and a trip saver...and you are going to look super cute rocking your OTG|247 bags out and about!

Happy travels!


{O}verly {O}rganized Holly