School Time is Here, Get Organized with OTG|247! 

With the close of summer break comes the breaking open of new boxes of school supplies. It’s time to pack up those summer supplies and begin preparing for the new school year. Whether your kids spent their summer relaxing around the house or at summer camp, in order to have a smooth transition, organization is key. Start the school year off right by building an unbreakable system.

My family is taking on extracurricular activities this year so planning ahead is a must. My girls love their OTG|247 bags and we generally only use them for traveling purposes, but this year we’re using them to help us out during the school year. Kendall and Stella are starting dance and we’re all so excited but, it’s immediately following school. We’re eliminating the stop home by packing our bags ahead of time. The #7 Foodie bag is heaven-sent. Unlike our other OTG|247 bags, it’s insulated. There is nothing worse than apples and juice becoming warm before the girls can get to them. After a long day at school, the last thing anyone wants is a not-so-refreshing snack. This bag is perfect for passing back during the car ride on the way to dance class. The girls can get their energy up and I can avoid the drive-thru.

Zero stopping also means I'm packing leotards, tights, shoes, hair accessories and towels in each of their #8 bags. Not only are the bags cute and the talk of the changing room but Kendal and Stella are able to slip their clothes back into their bags at the end of dance class and I don’t worry about the lingering sweat smell. The vegan leather that OTG|247 uses makes cleaning a breeze. We’re just one wet rag away from a fresh bag. With basically no drying time, Tate or I can pack them back up and have them ready to go for the girls’ next lesson.

I’m keeping myself organized at home this year with my #5 bag. I have a wild drawer full of recipes in my kitchen— Yes, the queen of organization has a messy drawer, but not for long. I’m going to end the ever-going search for nightly dinners a little quicker. Now, Tate can look through the recipes without a mess and even prep the ingredients for me.

As I said, it’s all about having a system that works. Fingers crossed and good luck this school year.


{O}verly {O}rganized Diana