Get Ready for the New School Year with OTG|247

Summer is winding down and school bells will soon be ringing across the country. Moms everywhere will plan and pack their kid’s backpacks only for the bag to return home after the first day in disarray. Combat the school year craziness with some foolproof organization tactics. Get ready for the new school year with these OTG|247 goodies and it’ll be smooth sailing— well, at least the kids won’t be messy.

 Here Are My 2019 Must-Haves For The School Year 


We all want to look put together for the early am drop-offs. Lele Headbands are a great way to add some flare to a stylish outfit or workout clothes.  Pair it with a Corkcicle tumbler and metal straw for your AM beverage.  Not only will you look put together but you will also be hydrated and are helping the environment by avoiding the pesty plastic straws.


At the End of a LONG DAY of driving, sometimes you need to take a moment!  Try these relaxation essentials. Put on a great playlist, throw on some eye patches and spritz some FRESH Rosewater Toner, it will be just the pick me up you need to decompress after a crazy day.  


OTG|247 BAGS: Some friends have commented that they wouldn’t want to buy OTG|247 bags for their kids, that is is more of an “adult” purchase.  I hear you, they are an investment. But the great thing about these bags is they are SUPER durable so you can use them every day, hose them out and they will stay looking great for years...pending any crazy out of the ordinary disasters!  Also, I used to go through ZIPLOC bags and cheap pouches that get trashed every couple of months, I am now considered “green” because I use and reuse! Below are how I use my bags to organize my kiddos.

OTG|247 Mini-Luggage Tags  💼

Avoid the lost and found and accidental miss-grabs by students with the same bags by labeling with the OTG|247 luggage tags.  Also, label school clothes with personalized inserts on the tags. This is also a great way to avoid another school shop mid-year.

Bag #2 💄

The #2 bag is perfect for your tweeny girls.  Use it for their touch up toiletries and/or put together a “personals” bag for them so they will always be prepared.

Bag #4 ✏️ 

One of the worst parts to back-to-school time is spending money on things like pencil cases only for the pencils to poke through and rip the case. With the #4 bag, that is no longer an issue. The vegan leather serves as a durable, sturdy and fashionable case.

Bag #5 🎨

There is nothing worse than the hard case holding art supplies bursting in a child’s backpack. You end up finding broken crayons well into the school year. The #5 bag is the perfect size for art supplies and the brass zipper prevents the craft explosion while the brass knot pull makes it easy for your student to open and close themselves. Clean up is as simple as emptying, wiping and restocking the bag.



Bag #8 📚🍎

Physical education classes are great when it comes to keeping your child healthy but the smell of sweaty gym clothes is more than anyone wants to deal with.  Rather than having your kiddo stack the sweaty clothes in a locker, ready for reuse, transport gym clothes in a #8 bag. Not only is it more discreet than a plastic bag but it will hold the smell better, which will save you nose on the drive home.  The bag is waterproof so when you dump the clothes in the wash, take a damp rag and wipe out the bag. Just like that, it’s ready to go for the next day.  Be sure to keep your little one’s skin protected. For tiny princesses who like to shine bright, sparkle sunscreen is perfect.  Everything, including sunscreen, is better with glitter.


Bag #9 💻 🎮

Techie #9 bag is perfect for your college student. This bag is a fashionable way for your little scholar to transport their tablet, Ipad, Kindle or laptop. The crossbody strap makes carrying the load easier but can be removed to throw in a tote or backpack.




Yes! I’m putting an office revamp as a must-have for the new school year.  It’s not all about the kids! You deserve to reorganize and jazz up your life too. Grab a file sorter to keep your documents in order and off of your desk.  Break from boring by snagging some cute filing folders and if you have to take them on the go a #8 bag is a perfect size. Display everything from camp photos to important dates on an adorable fabric corkboard and add a little flare with these Queen Bee push pins.  Finally, the beginning of the school year is also a great time to remind your peeps of what is really important with a custom family rules canvas.



Happy organizing friends! CHEERS to a good school year!


{O}verly {O}rganized Amie


August 08, 2019 — Amie Swan
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