Looking and feeling my best and staying organized (and stylish!) is extremely important to me. That’s why I decided to get my makeup routine in check with a more organized makeup bag. Since I’ve taken the steps to organize my makeup bag I am feeling so great! Whether on the go or just going through my daily makeup routine at home, it’s amazing to know exactly where everything is! You’d be surprised how much time this frees up! (Or maybe you wouldn’t be!)

A makeup bag organizer system is an absolute must have. This is the time of year I really change things up and use new shades and try out new products for the fall and winter. Keeping everything organized in a makeup storage bag system keeps me sane; it also makes it much easier for me to try new things since I always know what I have and what’s missing from my collection.

Choosing the right makeup storage bag for carrying with you on the daily is the first step. My #5 OTG|247 bag is perfect for touch-up products. I make sure not to carry too much with me. The temptation is real, but keeping it simple is best. I always carry mascara, touch-up brushes, a travel-size pack of cotton swabs, tweezers, and a concealer pen in any makeup storage bag.

Instead of carry different shades of lipstick, choose one that’s a staple to carry on the go. Switch it out with your mood and, of course, seasonally. A tinted lip gloss is a great go to if you want to ditch the lipstick altogether.

At home, you may want to use a larger makeup bag organizer system. I stay uber organized by keeping a larger makeup storage bag and separating like items within it into smaller bags. Items like tweezers, brow brushes, eyelash curlers, and pencil sharpeners all go into my #2 bag from OTG|247. I keep eye pallets all together in a bag that’s a bit larger.

Having the right makeup bag organizer system has kept my routine manageable and fun, and I love to mix up patterns and colors within my OTG|247 bag collection to keep it fun!

October 17, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Holly