Whether you are traveling for work or recreation, solo or with your family, by train or by airplane, organization is key. Having what you need for a trip is important, but how much good does it do when you can’t find anything because your bag or luggage is disorganized!

That is why travel organization bags are absolutely essential! Save your sanity, y'all!

Organized Packing for Travel

Does anyone else pack for their husband? Just me? I didn’t think so! Compartmentalizing his necessities when traveling is the best way to stay organized. Using travel organization bags inside larger carrier/suitcase will make you both look like pros as you’re navigating the airport and checking into the hotel.

Many people know to separate their toiletries when traveling, so why not apply that same organization approach to other items in the bag? Keep small electronic items such as chargers, cables, earbuds, etc., organized in an appropriately sized travel organization bag such as a #5 OTG|247 bag. You can get coordinating solid colors or use different colors to differentiate items.

You know that feeling when your luggage is the first to come out onto the carousel and you are able to quickly identify it, grab it and be on your way? That is why it is so important to use luggage tags you will recognize as your own. They don’t need to be big or flashy, OTG|247 mini luggage tags come in a few solid colors and will make it easy for you to spot your bag.

For me, organized packing for travel always starts with a list. A well-thought-out list helps you avoid impulse packing as well as overpacking or underpacking. Create a list of items you and/or your hubs will need - and stick to it. If he’s traveling on his own, you’ll know he won’t have to run to the store to pick up a toothbrush or a pair of socks!

Some travel organization bags, like bags of toiletries, never need to be unpacked. Just make sure all the items in the bags are restocked before you leave for your trip. Having these bags on hand for trips makes it so much easier to pack. (And keeping your toiletries in TSA-approved Nudie bags from OTG|247 lets you sail through security that much faster when you're carrying on.)

Stay organized and safe travels!

October 26, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Abby