Don't let the mess control your life this Spring! Get Organized with OTG|247!

This year I made a vow to myself to push myself harder than before. So far, so good but if we are being honest, I might have let my organization skills lack a little.  Hey— I’m busy! It happens to the best of us. One thing’s for sure, I’m getting my life back on track. It’s time to knock out some spring cleaning and what better way to do that than with OTG|247?

My greatest resolution for 2020 came after Stella said, “Mommy, I’m tired of green spaghetti and chicken.” I pride myself on my cooking more than I do my organizational skills but even I can admit, my famous garlic pesto pasta has been run into the ground. For the sake of Tate and the kids, I hired a chef to teach me fun family-friendly recipes to step up my game in the kitchen. While that means more yummy recipes, it also means my recipe drawer is filled to the brim. I went ahead and ordered a handful of OTG|247’s #3 bag.  I plan on separating the recipes by protein and giving them each their own bag before tucking them back into the drawer. The bag will keep them together but also safe from tears that come from snagging on the drawer.  That should also cut down on the time spent looking through the stack. 

Since I’ve been volunteering at the kid’s school so much, the home office has gotten a tad while. You have no clue how much work goes into working with the PTA.  Thank heavens for OTG|247.  My #10 bag might be stuffed with notes now, but by the time I waltz into the next meeting, my bag will be perfectly arranged.  I plan on taking a day to sort through notes and plans and tuck them appropriately into my new legal folder. Goodbye loose pens and highlighters, my #2 bag will keep all things stationery out of the way. More importantly, the keep to keeping focused during these meets and even during book club is the little ones having their own on-the-go play pack.  YES! My beloved OTG|247 bags are now being used to carry dolls, crayons along with all things Stella and Kendall. The dolls fit fine in a spacious #8 bag. Broken crayons are the least of my worry because the OTG|247 bags are easy to clean. I am serious— dump, wipe and keep going. 

Spring cleaning is no joke but that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful.  Life’s made easy with OTG|247


{O}verly {O}rganized Diana