My favorite “going out” bags have become the greatest homeschooling bags.

I’m a girl who can go with the flow of any situation but being an OTG girl stuck at home 24/7 is so strange that I have to laugh. The irony of the situation is hilarious but the Covid-19 virus is far from so the kids, Tate, and I are following directions and staying home. I’ve since learned that just because I’m not on-the-go these days doesn’t mean my OTG|247 bags aren’t being used. Somehow, my favorite “going out” bags have become the greatest homeschooling bags.

I’ve spent years priding myself on my organization skills. Truth be told, being teacher-mom has tested my abilities. The education station I made for the girls was comparable to a tornado’s touchdown after day one. Desperately, I grabbed my OTG|247 #10 bag and placed my gym clothes into my dresser. I won’t be needing those too soon. My precious gym #10 bags are the girls’ homeschooling bags until the safer at home notice is lifted. The schoolwork came in a large yellow envelope and it was a torn eyesore by 3pm. Now I just pull each girls’ daily work from their #10 bag and place it on the education station table. I keep a #4 bag stocked with their supplies— pencils, markers, and crayons. By day 3 Kendall asked if we could run away and finally be outside. I had to remember that this is just as hard on them, if not harder because they miss their friends and socializing. So I emailed her class friends’ parents to set-up virtual playdates. Fridays are a little brighter now that we have Zoom lunch dates with her gal pals. I pack her #7 bag with all of her favorite foods just like I did while school was in and she picnics with her girls on the porch. The insulation of the bag keeps everything cool until lunchtime. 

The art of feeling on the go while safer at home is not easy but we’re concurring it one day at a time. The kids have adjusted well and I’m beyond proud.


{O}verly {O}rganized Diana

April 24, 2020 — {O}{O} Girl Diana