What's in your bag? OTG|247

If you’re anything like me, birthdays sneak up on me quickly. No, not my birthday—everyone else’s birthday. I sit back wondering how the year flew by and how in the world I am going to top my gifts from the year prior. Well, if there’s one thing I’ve realized, it’s that EVERYONE needs a little OTG|247 in their life. That is exactly why this year, I’m buying a handful of bags from OTG|247 and tucking a little extra treat inside for all of my loved ones this year.  Shopping ahead will make your life easier.

For my cheery mom

I have the best mom and I know everyone feels that way about their mother but, honestly, I have the best mom. I’ve never met someone so selfless.  Recently she started eating healthier and even lost 20 pounds. Because she works as a teacher, I know keeping up with her eating schedule is tough. For that very reason, she will receive an adorable OTG|247 #7 FOODIE bag. It’s insulated so she can pack her lunch and snacks in the morning and they remain at the desired temperature until she’s ready for them. She can tuck it in her work backpack or use the strap and wear it crossbody.  The strap is super handy especially when trying to wrangle up a group of elementary school kids on a field trip.

For the wine-loving aunt

I can’t get my mom a “stylin” OTG|247 #7 FOODIE bag without making sure her twin sister gets one too.  My aunt’s diet includes a lot of bottled fruit...LOL.  OTG|247’s #7 FOODIE Bag is great when taking your wine on the go, especially when they’re chilled. This insulated bag can discreetly fit two bottles of wine.

For the brother in college

My little brother is heading off to college in Florida to major in fashion merchandising soon so it’s only right that I send him off in style.  What every college student needs is a new laptop and a nice OTG|247 #9 TECHIE bag in black. It’ll match every outfit and is more aesthetically pleasing than a backpack. The attachable strap is great to wear the bag crossbody while he rushes across campus to make his classes.

For the on the move Sister

Everyone knows someone who cannot sit still.  For me, that’s my sister. She’s the definition of an on the go girl.  She’s starting to travel light these days— phone and wallet only for the most part.  She can’t be weighed down by clunky purses is what she likes to say. That leads me to believe the OTG|247 #1 bag is perfect for her. Not only is it lightweight but the removable straps mean my baby sister can either rock it as a crossbody bag or a wristlet according to her mood. It’s small enough to stay out of the way but large enough to fit her bare necessities and even a lip gloss or two.

For the stylish grandma

One of my favorite people in the world is my grandma.  I absolutely love shopping for her. She’s always been the large bag kind of gal.  Growing up, I’d only seen her with an oversized bag in tow. This year I plan to introduce her to the life of organized minimalism with the OTG|247 #6 bag.  A stylish printed bag will bring out her fun and playful side while the size will be much more efficient for her when she is running around.  Even if it’s not her daily bag, it’s a fun, eye-catching bag that she can use when traveling. She can add the OTG|247 strap to navigate through the airport hands-free— which is a great thing considering she talks with her hands.

For the golfing grandpa

Don’t tell the other ladies of the family but I think I’m grandpa’s favorite girl.  I’m the only one who will get out of bed early on a Saturday to hit the golf course with him.  For his birthday that is how he and I kick off the celebration. This year I plan on sneaking in a black OTG|247 #5 bag into his golf bag.  The sleek yet masculine bag is the perfect size for golf balls, tees, gloves, and markers. Plus, the vegan leather makes for easy clean-up.


{O}verly {O}rganized Holly