Who is Ready for Halloween?  👻 

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday. Decorating with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins— what could be better? Growing up, my mom and I would make a full day out of preparation. We’d wake up early on a Saturday to look for the perfect costume and then search for spooky yard decorations. Now that I’ve moved away I still carry on the tradition and do all of our favorite spooky season activities but, of course, in a more modernized style with OTG|247.

When I was younger, excitement woke me up and made me ready for costume and decorations shopping. Now that I’m older, wiser, and much more coffee dependent, those Saturday mornings are a bit slower yet somehow quicker.  Welcome to 2019 where you can order from your bed, get dressed and have your order awaiting you at the register. At this point, I walk into the store with only my OTG|247 card case and phone— nothing else. I can show my id and keep it moving. If I see something I’d like to snag last minute, my debit card and cash are tucked away in one of the handy little pockets.  In seconds, I’m out and good to go.

I don’t trick or treat these days but at work, we do get dressed up on Halloween.  The kids from the local community center swing by and we give out candy. It’s a blast but Halloween is one of the days where there is not much breathing room.  Right after work, my friends and I gather for fun. While my costumes are always a 10 out of 10, they’re never something that does well with post-work activities— you know, giant wings, heels, and such...mental note, must keep that in mind next year. This is exactly why I’m grateful for my OTG|247 #10 bag.  I can go from work to outing with ease.  A change of clothes and all of my accessories are stylishly hidden away yet handy and my costume can neatly tuck away inside.  Truly, that bag is a lifesaver.

Pumpkin carvings and hayrides are Halloween musts and my ladies are fans of the bubbly. Every Halloween it’s the same speech. “Hey, Holly! Make sure you bring that boozy bag of yours.” I showed them my OTG|247 #7 FOODIE bag once and that was all it took. The high-level insulation was a plus but the fact that it easily carries 2 bottles of wine made them fall in love. I can’t complain though. This handy little bag keeps me out of snack duties and it comes with a strap I can attach for a crossbody look.

Happy Halloween from my haunted house to yours.  Remember: eat, drink and be scary, folks!





{O}verly {O}rganized Holly