How to Protect The Life of Your Designer Bags

Listen, I’m a modern living in a busy world.  Being in my industry as well as having fun-loving friends keep me on the move.  I live by one motto and one motto alone— LOOK good, FEEL good. Simple, right? Well, there is nothing that feels or looks good about a peeling or dirty purse.  I get it! Life happens but why make your designer bags suffer? My mother has asked me time and time again about how I manage to keep my fabulous designer bags looking brand new. That’s usually right before she starts talking about some crazy bag protectant spray.  I’ll tell you guys the same thing I told her: my OTG|247 bags protect my totes, keep me organized and look super cute.  I know it sounds crazy but as long as my bags look good, I’ll feel good.


 Featured in the picture Eri Lane an Influencer Model for OTG|247! @erianalane


I have a friend, Crystal, with 3 kids and every now and again, I take them for a day to give her a break.  No matter how many times I carefully pack and secure their snacks, I’ve had more crushed crackers that erupt in my #7 bag than I care to admit. Water days at the fountain? Yeah, my #10 bag feels 10 times heavier once their wet swimsuits are in there. That’s why I tell people these bags are a saving grace. Because the clean up is so easy and the bags are waterproof, they truly extend the life of my designer purses.

Funny story.  The first time I truly fell in love was with my first OTG|247 purchase...a #9 bag.  I was in Seattle at a conference.  While coming from breakfast I hit a cute little strip mall, out of nowhere, it started pouring down rain.  With no umbrella in sight, I threw my bag over my head and ran to the car. I did the same routine 10 minutes later running from my car into the car to store to grab an umbrella. 


Long story short, I was walking into a seminar with a dripping umbrella when I realized OTG|247 bags are waterproof.  I removed my dry phone and folder from my #9 bag and quickly put my soaking umbrella into the bag to avoid creating a slipping hazard.  To not have to worry about dripping or an odd smell in my bag at the end of the night was amazing.  As soon as I got to the hotel, I wiped out my bag and I was good to go.

That’s not the first time the bag has served as perfect storage.  When frosty mornings turn into toasty afternoons, a spare #5 bag is perfect to neatly store wet mittens, gloves, and beanies. These bags protect my fabulous designer bags and look super cute which leaves me at my happiest.


{O}verly {O}ranized Holly



Pictures provided by Eri Lane an Influencer Model for OTG|247

November 03, 2019 — {O}{O} Girl Holly