Don't Be The Hot Mess, Unorganized To Your Favorite Part Of The Day!

My mom once told me that her trick to happiness is treating your hobbies like careers.ย  Itโ€™s all about being organized and making time and prioritizing. My hobbies keep me sane so I like to set up my life so I can quickly jump into each of them whenever Iโ€™m ready. โ€œHow?โ€ you ask...with my OTG|247 bags.ย  Is there even a question about it?





I tried to use my downtime for blogging but Iโ€™ve realized that inspiration hits me in the strangest places. For this reason, my laptop is always on me in my OTG|247 Techie #9 bag. Before leaving the house, Iโ€™m always sure to grab my laptop, charger, and headphones and slip them in the bag. There is nothing worse than getting a gab-worthy topic and not being able to get it out because you donโ€™t have a laptop.

Soul Cycle

Fitness is something Iโ€™m passionate about and I Soul Cycle at least twice a week to help declutter my mind. To stay ready, I keep an OTG|247 #10 bag with the essentials in my car. Yes, sneakers, a towel, and gym clothes. Itโ€™s hard to be a front-row warrior if youโ€™re late to class because you had to stop home for clothes.

Dog Walking

The only thing I love more than blogging and cycling is Friday, my sweet little French Bulldog. Because I tend to get busy, active time with Friday will always trump my own personal downtime. I make a point to keep doggie bags and a couple treats in my OTG|247 #1 bag ready for our walks. I leave it hanging next to his leash for quick access. Funny enough, whenever Friday sees me with a #1 bag, he assumes itโ€™s walk time even if itโ€™s a different bag. Of course, I am never too busy to get fresh air with my fur baby.

Thereโ€™s always a surprising way to stay organized with OTG|247.


{O}verly {O}ranized Holly