Fall Time Jet Setting

It's a Magical Time of the Year to Travel! ✈️

Fall is officially here!  As a tradition, Tate and I like to break in the Fall season with a couple’s trip alongside our longtime pals Matt and Erin. They’re both educators and so it’s a bit of midterm trip to break away from grading for them. This year we went to Orlando, Florida and I couldn’t feel more refreshed. Of course, I had to do some purposeful packing with my favorite OTG|247 bags.


Like many travelers, I’m not a fan of the extended TSA lines. Unloading the large electronics from a bag seems to be the one thing no one gets right— except me. For the first time ever, a TSA worker complimented me on how quick and efficient my OTG|247 bags are. SCORE! I honestly played it smart this round by packing light. My #3 bag with my sanitizer and tissue was tucked inside the #9 bag that I was using to carry my laptop and wallet. Unzipping and pulling out a laptop is much faster when it’s hanging on your shoulder. 


Oh, and did you notice the NEW #6 Dottie Red bag that I use as my purse where ever I go?! It is reversible and comes with a strap! I love the NEW  Flare Strap I added to it! (Which is super cute!)  It's a magical time of year to travel at the theme parks in Orlando! 


One thing I quickly learned about Florida when I arrived, it’s unforgivingly hot, but it makes up for it because at night there is a nice breeze. After dinner, Tate wanted to go for a stroll. Luckily, I know my husband and packed a #8 bag with a pair of sandals and tucked it away in our rental. I slipped on those sandals and slid my heels into the OTG|247 bag.  I’m grateful I had a bag with me. Tate and I had a nice hour walk. There’s no way I would have survived an hour walk in heels.

Theme Park

On theme park day, our inner children were ready to run free. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a theme park. The one thing I did know was that I didn’t want to carry around a giant purse and for that, I was grateful I had my #1 bag. Talk about the bare minimum— I had my id, debit card, a bit of cash and the rental key. Before we left the hotel, I swapped out my 12” strap for the NEW Flare Strap (Which is super cute!) so I could use it as a crossbody bag rather than a wristlet.  OTG|247 changed the game with the 3 optional straps.

Happy Traveling Pumpkins! 🎃



{O}verly {O}ranized Abby