OTG|247 Holiday Gift Guide 2019

When it comes to picking out the perfect gift for those in your life, there’s always that point where you’re near ready to pull out your hair. I get it! Last year I went crazy myself. Between ordering from different websites and online stores and then ordering online and trying to pick up the items in-store. Pure madness, right? This year, let’s vow to shop smart. I’m talking one-stop-shop at everyone’s favorite online shop, OTG|247. Yes, a bold move but I’ve curated the best gifts by OTG|247 to help you check everyone off your list no matter how quirk, picky, fancy or practical they are. Seriously, who doesn’t need OTG|247?


For the hairstylist in your life

If you know any hairstylist you know that one phrase describes them -- pulled together! Help your hairstylist stay pulled together in style. Gift them a bag #3 to keep their hot shades and lint rollers in for those all-black attire days. Bag #6 is another great gift for the traveling touch up. They can keep combs, mini hairsprays, endless hairpins, and even hair rollers. An adorable kitty design adds a fun yet still sleek look for your favorite on the go hairstylist. Take it a step further and turn these bags into a fun mini gift set. Toss in a flare strap to add options.

For the teacher in your life

Teachers deserve the world but since we cannot give them that, we gift them everything we can to show appreciation. A tan bag #5 is a great accessory for the school year. The bag is the perfect size for a planner and wallet during the school day or perfect for holding a selfie stick, charger, battery pack or even a Beats Pill ™ on the weekend trip to the pool once the papers have been graded. Bag #9 is another great bag for your favorite teacher. It’s the ideal size for laptops and papers. The strap makes for easy carrying. Bag #7 is also a great snag. This insulated bag is perfect for holding meals and snacks at the appropriate temperature throughout the day. 

For your trendy brother

Never forget how versatile and gender-neutral OTG|247 is. Even if the guy isn’t daring enough to step out with his bag, he will be endlessly grateful for the many practical uses. Set him up with a set of travel bags. Bag #3 is a great bag when comes to toiletries. The waterproof lining means easy clean up in the case of Listerine or toothpaste leak. Grabbing it in white adds a touch of class. Shoes in the suitcase is always a bit of a hassle. No one wants their shoes touching their clothes. Save him with a handy bag #8. It’s the perfect size for shoes and, again, the easy cleanout means you can’t go wrong. The black bag #4 is the perfect size for his hair clippers.

For your active sister

There’s nothing that a lady on the move loves more than having all of her items ready to go. Make that possible with bag #10. Athletic gear, change of clothes, or work files are neatly discretely tucked away and ready to go with this bag. Imagine her amazement when she goes from formal meeting attire to martial arts ready in minutes. If she’s a lady who likes to hit the gym to get the blood flowing before her meeting than opt for grabbing her bag #4. She can stuff her beauty products in it and be ready at all times. Is she the type to also keep shoes in her car because she may need to dress up an outfit at the drop of a hat? Bag #8 is quintessential to keeping those shoes together, in shape and neatly stored in the car.

For your deserving mom

Moms are easily the hardest to shop for even though they are satisfied with anything their kids gift them. Add some fun to her style while letting her know she lights up your life with a white and gold confetti bag #3. It’s sleek and dainty yet sophisticated enough for her. For the retired mom, a red and white striped bag #5 is perfect for storing a good book and shades for a beach trip. If she’s the type to go for a dip in the ocean rather than hang on the shore, grab her a bag #8 to store her swimsuit in. She’ll be amazed at how times have changed when you show her she can ditch the bulk beach bags and random plastic bags.

For the kids and teens

If there’s one thing kids like, it’s personalized gifts. A customized bag #5 is a great gift for the little girl in your life. OTG|247 designs are refined and tasteful. These bags will appeal to ladies ages 6 to 26. If you have a teen or tween on your list, a white bag #3 is a cute gift. Turn it into a multilayer gift by filling it with makeup, books, or gift cards. Teens are always on the move whether it’s the movie theater or the mall. Why not grab them a small and strapped bag #1. It’s perfect for their bare necessities like cash, lipgloss, and the ever-important cell phone.

For the fashionista

Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? I mean that literally and figuratively. The greatest gift you could give a fashion lover is endless (or almost endless) bags. The OTG|247 bag club is a great way to do that. This subscription will surprise them with stylish bags each month and the bags they receive are always more than a statement piece. Let their bags guide them from day into the night. She can pack everything she needs into bag #5 to survive for the day- from lipgloss to a charger and even another bag. Yes, bags inside of bags! Bag #3 is a wonderful way for her to store a change of jewelry without risking them falling out during normal daily bag use. Nothing says day to night like a good pump. Bag #8 is great for a sandal to stiletto swap without looking obvious.

For the makeup artist, lash artist, or esthetician

Whether they’ll be storing brushes, glue or products, OTG|247 bags are always a good choice. Consider placing bag #3, bag #5, and bag #8 inside of a bag #10 provides a variety of sizes for their needs. The waterproof bags make cleaning a breeze.

For the hostess with the mostess

Everyone has that party starter gal pal. Do her a favor and grab her bag #7. The insulation means she’s able to keep the champagne cool on the drive from her condo to the celebration. Give her the gift of touch-ups with bag #2. It’s the perfect size to turn into a tiny make-up kit

For the bestie

If she’s complimented your bag, then it’s time to buy her the same one. Yes! Matching bestie bags. If she’s the spontaneous type, hook her up with a membership to the bag club. She’ll receive monthly bags and surely enjoy working them into her wardrobe.

For the white elephant party

Did someone say white elephant?! If you’re looking for a gift under $50, I have a quick and easy fix! Snag an OTG|247 card case and add a gift card. It’s a fun surprise for sure. If you would like an item that’s more one-and-done, I suggest the OTG|247 flare strap. It can be used with any purse with two hooks. For a more unisex approach, the OTG|247 luggage tags are great. Put those in and watch your gift become the one worth fighting for.

For the boss

When it comes to business, no one does it better than your boss. It’s time the handle business in style. Bag #8 is ideal for carrying files and documents around. OTG|247 bags are structures which means work is safe from crazy bends and folds. Tech bosses will appreciate bag #9. Tablets, iPads, and laptops all fit with ease and the strap makes loading it around simple and stylish. I would even suggest tossing in bag #2 for their portable mouse and pens.


{O}verly {O}rganized Amie


December 12, 2019 — Amie Swan
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