Let the Winter Festivities Begin!

Have you ever gotten chills from just thinking about a trip? I’m talking about good and bad chills. It’s almost time for the family trip to Colorado and I am beyond ready. Last year’s trip was a little chaotic but this year, I’m coming back with a plan and I am prepared with a secret stash of OTG|247 tips— and I’m giving them away.

I swear by my OTG|247 bags about 75% of the time but when I know the elements will be involved, it goes up to 100%— especially in the snow. The #6 bag was my “go to” on the last trip because the year prior I brought along a suede bag and talk about a mistake, I totally trashed it and the bag looked stained and stiff from getting wet with snow. With OTG|247 being made of vegan leather, the snow doesn’t affect the bag quality, it just wipes off. Just as important, the brass knot zipper pull meant I no longer had to remove my gloves to open my bag. Game changer and time saver.

I look forward to this trip so much because it gives me a chance to hang with my nieces. I rarely get to see them so, during this annual family ski trip, they become my shadow. Everywhere I go, they’re right beside me and I love it. They are the reason I brought along extra OTG|247 bags this year. Last year was a blast— until it wasn’t. The little ones and I killed it on the slopes but no one was prepared for the energy drop and crankiness that would follow as we hopped back on the road. Wet clothes and hunger don’t mix when it comes to kids. My good friend Diana was telling me about how she packs a change of clothes in a couple of #8 bags for her girls for when they’re out and about. I was absolutely inspired. I bought each girl a cute and cozy outfit and neatly tucked them into their own #8 bag. Being the great Aunt I am, I may or may not have also snuck in a pack of fruit snacks. The real kicker will be when they discover I have the same outfit in my #10 bag...LOL.  It’s always nice to get into a fresh pair of clothes but the best part of it all is having great storage for wet clothes. I don’t miss putting wet clothes in grocery or trash bags. They always leaked and dripped. Even worse, if the clothes start to smell, there’s no containing it. With OTG|247 bags, there’s no dripping, no odd smells escaping, the clean up is a breeze AND they are reusable and “green.”. After you toss the clothes into the wash, just take a rag, wipe it out, and reuse for almost anything. 

I cannot wait. This trip is going to be perfect—especially with OTG|247.


{O}verly {O}rganized Holly