We all want to be jet setters but, first you must get organized before you travel! 

Traveling is exciting but let’s face it, security is not. Do the joy of the experiences outweigh the difficulties within the process, yes; however, protocol changes and never-ending TSA lines can make you question if it’s worth the hassle. Please, don’t get me started on business trips. Nevertheless, like anything in life, traveling is easier when you’re organized. We all want to be jet setters but, first you must get organized before you travel...OTG|247 bags are the perfect solution.

When traveling by plane you’re going to want your identification, as well as your boarding pass, ready to go at all times. Make it easier by using a #1 bag. Not only is your digital boarding pass and identification only a zipper away but the 48” cross body strap allows you to navigate hands-free. No one wants to balance everything in their hands while trying to guide their child or lugging along a carry-on.  If you are carrying a tote, use the 12” strap for extra security around the strap of your bag.


In my bag, I have a #4 nudie bag with all of my liquids, a #5 nudie with all of my dry toiletries and makeup, a #9 with my laptop and a #8 with activities and snacks for Emma.  Inevitably I always get pulled out of security and searched...but it’s super quick as they just pull out each bag instead of digging.

If you really want to make TSA a breeze, skip the carry-on and blow through hands-free with just a #9 bag. Again, the strap is key. I love walking up and putting my laptop and bag on the belt in one swift motion. And you can bet your bottom dollar that inside my bag there’s a #4 bag brimming with all the travel necessities- wipes, a charger, and trail mix. Airport security is inevitable but with OTG|247 you can pass it in record time with ease and in style.



{O}verly {O}ranized Abby


May 17, 2019 — {O}{O} Girl Abby