Who is ready for Summer? 

Growing up, summer and staying organized seemed to be total opposites. Summer means unscheduled days, spontaneity and an overall relaxed approach to life. Meanwhile, being organized is all about schedules and routine.

Now that I’m older, I realize I can have and need both. The excitement and impulsiveness of summer, with the perfect amount of order, keep my summer rolling smoothly.

When it comes to getting your home in order, it’s the little things like decluttering that transforms an entire room. Consider using stylish storage that can also serve as a statement piece. My home office is a perfect example. I use my OTG|247 acrylic display to showcase my favorite bags and add a pop of color to the room. The best part is being able to quickly grab one and leave the house within seconds.

Fitness is a lifestyle and I love it even more once the summertime hits. Seriously, there’s nothing like dropping the girls off to summer camp in the morning and hitting the yoga studio after to start the day off right. For ease of morning flow, after I pack their lunches, I pack my bag #10 with all my yoga necessities and slip in my bag #2 full of hygiene items to freshen up after.

Each summer, Tate and I take the girls on a vacation. It gives the kids a chance to take a break from summer camp activities and we can finally get a break from city life. The mental clarity is unmatched. Without fail, we used to have to open each suitcase to figure out what belonged to who. Call me a broken record but organization is key! Even if we don’t fly, I use my mini luggage tags to keep track of whose clothing is in which suitcase and I color code. Talk about a time saver and stress-remover...it works beautifully!

Let’s get real, life isn’t perfect and scripted. Sometimes it’s 1 pm after brunch with the girls on a Sunday and someone says the magic words, “it’s the perfect beach day, let’s go.” Nothing ruins that moment more than having to run home and put together a beach bag. This is the exact reason I keep a spare bag #10 with a bikini, wrap, and sunscreen ready to go in my trunk. The best part is that once all my fun in the sun is done, I can toss my wet stuff in the same bag. The waterproof feature of OTG|247 bags is genius. Once I get home, I toss everything into the washer and wipe my bag clean before repacking it to go back into my trunk.

Celebrate this summer. The days are long but the living is easy if you do it right!


{O}verly {O}rganized Diana