How to Organize Your Workspace with OTG | 247  

You spend so much time in the office, you might as well live there! Yes, it is true that we spend a lot of time in our office working 9-5 jobs. But why not make the office somewhere that you enjoy being? I find that I am the most productive when I am surrounded by a clutter-free workplace.

I have compiled my favorite life hacks to get your workspace up and running smoothly...clutter free!

I keep my pens, paper clips and other smaller office supplies in my #5 Bag. That way, instead of these small items floating around in my bottom drawer I know exactly where to find them when I need them. This ends up saving a lot of time in the long-run.

Being a healthy eater, I always bring snacks and lunch from home. To keep my La Croix cold and my snacks fresh and separate from the rest of my office supplies I place them in #7 FOODIE bag.  It is insulated and it has a removable strap so I can wear it crossbody in to the office!

During stressful weeks I like to use my oil diffuser on my desk for aromatherapy. Essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus help to calm anxiety and relax.

For client meetings and work outside of the office, I always carry my tablet or small laptop inside of my #9 TECHIE Bag. I don’t like carrying too much when I am out and about working. I think that the #9 Bag is a great alternative to an oversized tote or briefcase when you’re out and about...and you can add a strap and wear it crossbody!

Sometimes mornings get a little hectic with rush hour traffic and wardrobe emergencies. That’s why I always keep an emergency stash personal products inside of my desk in my #4 Bag. Having this comes in handy when you have one of those mornings when you rush out the door and forget something crucial! Inside of my #4 Bag I carry things like extra make-up, perfume, deodorant and mouthwash. Trust me- you will be so happy that you have this when the time comes when you need it.

I hope that these tips helped you declutter your workspace to make room for productivity! When you are happy with your surroundings and make your office somewhere that you enjoy being, you are happier all around. Happy working!



{O}verly {O}ranized Abby