Travel with the family more efficient this summer!

Traveling is something that Tate and I are passionate about. When we decided to start building our family, we promised to continue traveling and to include our children in as many trips as possible. Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to start planning the next great family vacation. This year, we’re doing a week in Oregon. Traveling with my crew is always a bit crazy but, of course, I have a plan to keep them entertained all flight long.

Kendall and Stella each have their own OTG|247 bags in their favorite colors— Kendall in orange and Stella in pink. This trip my big girls are in charge of turning their own #8 bags into their personal entertainment packs. The bag is the perfect size for coloring books, tablets, and the occasional doll. Thanks to them having their own colors, there’s never a “mom, she took my crayons” moment. Speaking of crayons, the girls always manage to need a fresh pack every trip and I put them in a bag #2 because a bag is easier to pack than a box and the bag is wipeable since there are always bits and chips of crayons in the bottom. On our last trip, little Stella forgot hers in the car...OH what a mess that was...the crayons melted in the bag. Luckily, OTG|247’s vegan leather is super easy to clean. Within minutes I’d peeled off the wax, wiped it clean with a warm rag and were back in business. I’m just saying, better in the bag than all over my car...that moment was a highlight for me.

With that being said, it’s summer...enjoy time with the kiddos and make memories. Happy traveling!  Get organized & GO!


{O}verly {O}ranized Diana