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Customize an OTG bag with initials, monograms & more...

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Whether it's the Superbowl or the concert you have planned, you'll need this.

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Elevate your organization and stop digging for what you need in your tote. Mix & match between 10 sizes to curate the perfect organizational system for your lifestyle on the go!

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The custom gold knot zipper pull.

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With our bold colors, and stylish prints, our bags will complete any look.

I personalized the #2 and #5 bags and am now obsessed with them! 😍 Love this brand so much! 🀩
— Jill G.
"My Neverfull dumped onto the floor today.... normally I would panic, but there was no reason to panic because everything with safely tucked away in it's bag and I only had to pick up five sealed bags!"
— Jennifer M
To say i love these bags are an understatement! I currently own three different sets of them. One designated to my briefcase- one for travel - and one for everyday LV On the go! They keep everything in their place neat and organized.
— Tracy L.
"Love this bag! Excellent quality and keeps me organized. Can’t wait to add to my collection."
— Tara S.
"Another all round perfect size for all the necessities and doubles as a killer clutch!!!"
— Erica F.
"My Dani key #3 is the perfect size for my phone cords and other tech stuff in my purse. The black and white pattern is classic."
— Suzanne G.
"OTG247 organizes my daily bag, my travel bag and my suitcase! Here are my essentials on my last trip. Makeup, hair products, medicines body products and glasses."
— Michele H.