Summertime is here and COVID restrictions are lifting just in time for our annual trip. Yes, the family and I are finally getting out of the house. One of my biggest concerns about this trip was getting my family to our vacation destination without all the crazy stressing over airport germs— especially because I naturally stress about airport germs when there isn’t pandemic madness. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll love my alternative. No, we are not pitching a tent in the backyard. We’re road-tripping to Florida RV style! This is my first time using an RV for a road trip so, of course, I did plenty of research. With the help of my OTG|247 bags, I’m going to let you in on all my provisions. This is my biggest on-the-go ultimate test of organization yet.


First things first, distracting the kids is key so per my usual, I put together an activity basket for each kid— books, puzzles, tiny toys, and the likes. If you stuff a bin full of things your kids love, they’ll forget to fuss and fingers crossed...bother each other. Hopeful wishing at least, haha.


There’s nothing worse than having several ziplock bags full of sprays. Seriously, there’s the crazy clutter and then having to yell, “wait, no! Not this bag of sprays! The other bag!” over and over. That’s the perfect recipe for going crazy on a road trip. That’s exactly why I’m using a handy bag #8 to keep track of all of my family’s sunscreen and bug spray. This bag is going to come in handy for when we’re playing outside and hitting the pool.  The vegan leather is waterproof so I never have to worry about the inside contents getting wet from a splash.


Because this is our first RV road trip, we’re not quite sure what exactly to expect and so this on the run girl is prepared for anything. I packed my green OTG|247 #10 bag full of the tough hardware. Yes, tools, duct tape, flashlights, batteries— you name it, I packed it! I even packed away the extra pieces for my mini vacuum because keeping this RV tidy is a must.


Even though we’re going on a road trip, my family is not breaking from the electronics. We made sure everyone’s iPad, cords, and headphones made it into my blue OTG|247 #10 bag. Headphones are important, trust me. Radio tunes, iPad games, and kid shows playing aloud in a small space for hours can get pretty crazy. Again, this waterproof bag means spills are not a concern as long as the electronics make it back into the bag. One thing about me though, I’m the party starting mom so I made sure to pack a speaker for our RV morning dance parties and extra tunes when we’re out.  A big tip for those also packing electronics for an RV trip, research, and grab adapters to place in your electronics bag. it will make life easier.


Of course, every adventure requires a first aid kit and for that very reason, I put together the ultimate OTG|247 bag #10 first aid kit with a bag #3 full of medicine for both kids and adults.


Check out that list below


  • Forehead thermometer
  • Antihistamine cream
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Surgical tape
  • Tweezers


Eating out is such an unnecessary cost so I tend to make 90% of my family’s meals. Just because we’re on the road, that’s not changing. I made sure I packed a #10 Nudie with all the paperware and cutlery I could. It was the perfect time to bring along my UGA jersey naps. Every time Jack sees them he likes to yell, “How ‘bout them Dawgs” and that is always a spirit lifter for me, haha.


Up at the front of the RV, I’m keeping the basics within reach. Because we’re still being safe with Covid-19, I keep our masks and hand sanitizer handy in an OTG|247 #4 bag. I also packed a #8 with “driver essentials”...disinfectant wipes, tissues, gum, mints, eyeglass cleaner, and even a mister spray to keep us fresh and bright-eyed on the long drive.


Hopefully, my sneak peeks into our RV adventure and all the tips help you use OTG|247 to organize your life on the road while planning for your own summer adventure. Happy travels!


CLICK TO Watch the OO TIP Video for more details!



{O}verly {O}rganized Amie

June 29, 2020 — Amie Swan
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