Guide to the Perfect Bag for 2019

The clutch bag is undoubtedly up there with jewelry and shoes when it comes to completing an outfit. I think it’s crazy to think that at one time having a bag was deemed as an evening accessory. I mean, seriously— what were they thinking? Whenever you see me, I have at least one OTG|247 bag on me. I swear by them in the name of fashion and function. No matter the person, there’s a perfect bag. Here are my top 3 must-have bags.


The Mover

Everyone has those days. You leave the house at 9 am knowing you won’t be back until every errand is complete. Sometimes that means not heading home until 6 pm. The busy life is a tough life. I consider these to be Saturday saviors. I can rip and run all day and not worry about stopping for food and slowing up my day. The #7 bag is insulated which means my turkey sandwich and apple slices can stay cool, crisp, fresh and ready for me whenever I feel like taking a quick breather between stops.


The Athlete

There’s nothing worse than lugging around a giant duffle bag. They’re clunky and easily the least fashionable of the bag family. There’s no need to sacrifice style even when you’re heading to sweat. With the #10 bag, storing boxing gloves, sneakers, towels and even a change of clothes is a breeze. The best part is, the bag doesn’t hold a smell. Wipe down the inside of the bag and you’re good to go. Talk about heaven sent. 


The Person Who Hates Bags

Let’s get real there are days where you flat out do not want to bother with carrying a full-sized bag but putting things in your pockets is absolutely not an option. The #1 bag is a lifesaver. It’s light, sleek and barely there. Whether hitting the grocery store or amusement park, this bag ensures your hands are free. The two removable straps can quickly transform the wristlet to a crossbody and if you change your mind about not wanting a bag, detach the strap and rock the bag as a mini clutch.  With such an abundance of styles and designs available finding the perfect bag is far from a challenging task. Just step out and discover the bag that best suits your wants and needs.


Happy Shopping!


Girl Holly