”OTG|247 offers a system of numbered bags to organize and protect the inside of your bag...they are the perfect balance between fashion and function for individuals On The Go.” -Aime Swan⁣

How lucky are we to have resident business owner Aime Swan? She created a fashionable system of bags and accessories to help us get organized. You can find her collection at www.otg247.com or a selection of her bags at A Line Boutique. ⁣

Read all about this amazing mompreneur in our Cherry Hills Village Living October issue. Thanks for making our day tidy and easier @otg247."



"On The Go Twenty Four Seven Designer @Amie Swan - Prior to founding OTG|247, I owned and operated a paper store called The Paper Tree. Before that, I led the regional marketing for a private bank. Having kids truly stirred up the practical nature of running a storefront, meaning the lack of flexibility was a huge challenge. That is when I starting thinking seriously about developing a brand. If it is true that good ideas are born out of necessity, then OTG|247 is proof of concept. As my life grew busier and busier, I became aggravated by constantly digging through the bottomless pit of my bag. I felt like I was a “hot mess”...totally unorganized...not to mention I was trashing all of my fabulous bags. Remember, it only takes one lip gloss or pen explosion to ruin a bag. I searched far and wide for a line of stylish bags to help organize the INSIDE of my bag. Nothing with enough variety of quality existed. I kept telling my husband that someone should design a chic but practical solution to address the bag’s inner content, both for organization and protection. My husband said, “just do it yourself or stop talking about it.” This is the moment OTG|247 was born."

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