#7 Birdie Juice Navy

$ 88.00

How annoying it is when you throw a cold bottle of water in your bag and it sweats all over your stuff?  Not anymore, use the FOODIE to keep your stuff dry and your water cool. OR, you can carry your wine, it fits 2 bottles!  Add the 48" Removable Strap for a crossbody look.
For extra fun, add the OTG|247 Flare Strap!


12”W x 9”H
Sunken zipper for maximum insulation
Brass zip top closure with custom brass knot pull
Vegan waterproof leather
Insulated to keep food fresh
Wipe clean waterproof lining  
Exterior hooks for removable strap
48" Removable Strap included


Please NOTE:  Although cold temperatures keep most harmful bacteria from multiplying, perishable items (such as milk, formula, or food) left out of the refrigerator or without a cold source for more than two hours should not be used.