#1 Caren Racquet

$ 72.00

Use this bag to run errands with just your essentials; credit cards, phone & keys. The bag comes with a wristlet and crossbody strap. You can also use the small strap to keep your valuables safe by hooking it directly to your tote or around the handle.


5”W x 8”H & 4" Opening
Brass zip top closure with custom brass knot pull
Vegan water-resistant leather
Wipe clean water-resistant lining
Exterior hooks for removable strap
Includes 12" and 48" Removable Straps

Why OTG|247?


Easily wash your OTG bag when your lip gloss explodes or dirt smudges. Simply hose out the bag with a bit of dish soap and water. For tough spots you can use a magic eraser!

Fashion & Function

Use OTG bags to organize your beach bag, then rock them with your cutest outfit for dinner. With our custom gold hardware, bold colors and stylish prints our bags will complete any look. Organization has never looked so good.


OTG|247 is made to be used daily. Unlike other pouches made out of cloth, our vegan leather stands up to water and consistent use over time.