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We are excited to partner with OTG|247 to offer you exclusive Pine School spirit bags. OTG bags are made of water-resistant, vegan leather and are made to be used everyday.  They are the perfect accessory to show your school pride and keep you organized.  50% of all sales will be donated back to The Pine School Parents Association to support our amazing Pine School teachers.   

Show your support and GO KNIGHTS!

Orders will be accepted between October 23 - November 15 for pickup at school after December 4.

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On the order form you will be able to choose your personalization from the following options. Please note logo placement will remain as shown.

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Our mission is to simplify life on the go. OTG offers a system of bags to organize and protect the inside of your handbag, suitcase or golf bag. Available in 10 sizes with multiple colors and prints, our vegan leather, water-resistant bags are the perfect balance between fashion and function. Use our bags to organize sunscreen, gloves, golf tees, golf shoes, an extra pair of clothes, etc. They’re functional for the golf course and stylishly FABULOUS to rock for cocktails after a round.

If you need assistance please contact...

Susan Schwiering