Hosting This Holiday?

{O}verly {O}rganized Hosting Tip

Make a Food Timeline - It can be stressful preparing our food to be ready and WARM at the same time. Make a timeline of when your dishes need to be preheated, in the oven, and warmed. This schedule will help keep you organized throughout the day.

Prepare Early - Do as much as you can in the days leading up to your event. This way you won't be as overwhelmed and you'll have time to mingle with guests.

William Sonoma Gravy Base -This was a major hit at dinner. Everyone was wondering who made the gravy?! It's so easy, just add milk and your turkey drippings.Shop here.

Be Ready With Favors- A personalized bag will send your guests raving about your dinner. Personalize an OTG bag so they can use it to organize for years to come. It'll remind them of the night you shared together.

To-Go Tupperware For Guests - Purchase some cheap Tupperware so your guests can make to-go plates for leftovers. That way you don't have to eat the same thing for days after!

The Favor

Here's what we did for our friendsgiving meal. We took a #2 White and put a meaningful quote on it about friendship. What will you do?