How do I clean the OTG|420 bag? 
Simply wipe it with a damp sponge and soap or use a magic eraser for tough spots. You can actually rinse out the inside too!

How do I set the OTG|420 lock? 

Directions for changing combination lock:
1.  As shown in the figure, unlock the lock, push button (1) to it's end in the direction of the arrow till the operation in step 2 is finished.
2.  Set number wheels (2) to the desired combination. Don't forget the numbers you set.
3.  Release button (1) and turn it for checking. The new combination is ready for use.

Why doesn't the OTG|420 bag come with a strap?

The OTG|420 bag is unisex and meant to be used in a tote or backpack on the go and easy to stash at home.  

How do I execute an exchange or return?
Visit our shipping and returns page for detailed information on how to exchange or return an item.

Can you add a logo to an OTG|420 bag?
Yes, we can do a completely custom bag design or we can screen-print existing bags.  Contact for more information.

Will you support my non-profit organization?
Giving back is important to OTG|420, it is part of our corporate philosophy. Please send donation requests to for consideration.

Use Your OTG420 Bag Responsibly

Please do not use your OTG|420 bag or our other products for illegal activities or to evade local, state, national, or international laws, rules, and regulations.