Let me first start off by saying how obsessed I am with organization and fashion. Rarely (if ever) do we see these two worlds coexist, but guess what?! They do now!


I first heard about OTG|247 through my blogger friend LuxMommy, I loved how she raved about them, and even showed how practical and versatile these chic bags were! I knew I had to get my hands on these amazing bags STAT!

I am going to share my top five favorite OTG bags and why I love them so much!

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- First we have OTG #2 I love the size, I love the cat eyes design, and I love that it is waterproof, vegan leather and has this beautiful custom brass knob zipper pull (these features are with all OTG|247 bags!)

This bag holds my cards, cardholders. lipgloss, mascara, deodorant, earphones, hair-ties, and the list goes on! I call it my small keep-all!

- Next is OTG #4 this beauty holds both of my daughters needs! As you all know I am a mommy of two and I am using my Louis Vuitton speedy 30 as a diaper bag! Keep in mind that my bag isn’t very big but because of OTG I am really able to maximize the space! #4 has extra diapers, pull-ups, wipes, disposable diaper bags, baby cream, nail clippers (babies nails grow fast lol) and it still has room for more!

- Ah! OTG #5, I love the simple and chic black and white striped design! #5 can be used to store extra battery packs, chargers, a selfie stick, basically any of your electronics! I use #5 to organize and house my cosmetics! It’s great that OTG bags are waterproof and wipeable on the inside because this bag is the dirtiest due to the fact that all my makeup and brushes are stored in it.

I would also like to mention that this bag is the perfect size to be worn as a clutch and no one would ever know!

- OTG #7 OMG!!! One of my favorites because not only is it the tan/neutral color that you know I LIVE for, this bag is amazing because it is insulated! I use it to hold my daughters milks, juices, snacks, and any beverage that me or my husband have! I love that #7 comes with a removable strap, which allows it to be worn as a crossbody, clutch or simply another storage solution in a bigger neverfull style bag!

- Lastly, OTG #8, nudie tan is definitely my favorite due to the color scheme! It is clear on one side and has That beautiful tan color on the opposite side! This one is perfect because you don’t have to go through the bag to see what’s in it! You can already see just by pulling it out! I use this one to store spare outfits and diapers/ pull-ups for my precious babies!

I also use this one to store any wet clothes at the end of the day while traveling, then I take it home, throw the clothes in the wash and disinfect the bag!

I highly recommend OTG because of the quality, the functionality, and the designs of course! Haha ❤️


Link to OTG|247 site:

Link to all the bags I have:


Links to the bags discussed:

- OTG #2 (holds my personals)

- OTG #4 (Holds my girls’ needs)

- OTG #5 (holds My cosmetics)

- OTG #7 (with strap, insulated)

- OTG #8 (nudie tan, holds extra clothing)


***Make sure to use my code ERISLANE to save 10% OFF***

Let’s get organized and have a great day!

Xoxo, Eri 💕



May 25, 2019 — Amie Swan

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