Practicing yoga is so important to my health and wellness! It helps me stay focused while juggling all my (and my kiddos') responsibilities. Fitting an exercise routine into my day can be challenging, but knowing how to organize workout clothes and having all my yoga essentials on hand makes it doable! Here are some tips you can use to make sure you have everything you need when packing your yoga bag.

How to Organize Workout Clothes

One of the very last nightly routines I have is packing my yoga bag. I keep extra yoga essentials like sports bras, tops, and pants in a drawer so I always have plenty of options between washings. I organize by activity, color, and season. Dedicating a section of my closet to workout clothes to make things much easier!

Keep a List of Yoga Essentials

I keep a couple of checklists posted to remind me what items I will need to pack - a checklist for spin class, a checklist for yoga essentials, and a checklist for general gym days. I have a toiletry bag (my #4 bag from OTG|247 works perfectly) that is always stocked and ready to go with yoga mat spray, mala beads, and other must-haves.

Pack Your Outfit from Head-to-Toe

When I’m packing for yoga of course I always include my comfy clothes, but I also find it super helpful to include a soft lightweight warmer layer. I may want to use this at the beginning and end of class. I also prefer to have slip-on shoes with me, so I throw those in the bag too!

Don’t Forget Your Mat and Props

I prefer a big yoga bag or tote that is large enough for my clothes, water bottle and other gear. To keep my clothes organized, I find a #10 bag is a great solution, and I can organize my other gear using the smaller sizes from OTG|247. If you bring your own props like a strap or block, be sure to include those when packing! (I store my 4" x 6" x 9" yoga block in a #8 bag, and my 6' yoga strap curled up in a #5 bag.)


Now, who’s ready for some yoga?!

August 21, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Diana