“Organization” is my middle name! It has to be — with a hectic job and an even more hectic family (love them both!), I need to stay on top of the details that make life work. Through some trial and error, and then some more error, I discovered some great tips for getting organized. See if they’ll work for you.

1. Write it down.

I love lists. If it’s in your head, and it’s important, to be a well-organized person, you should commit whatever you're trying to keep track of to paper (or use your device). Record those critical tasks, dates, and other items. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off another “done” on your to-do list.

2. Give yourself a deadline.

“I’ll get to it later.” For me, “later” never comes! Set a schedule, and hold yourself accountable. This works for short-term tasks (e.g., go to the gym at 6:00 am) as well as long-term goals (e.g., I’ll climb Machu Picchu by the time I’m 40). If you don’t make time, there won’t be time.

3. Just do it!

It’s not work, or family, or obligations that stress us, it’s procrastinating about everything we have to do. Tackle that list! "Just do it" is one of the best tips for getting organized, because you don't have to worry about it when it is already done. You'll lift the weight off your shoulders.

4. A place for everything… and everything in its place.

Make sure everything has a “home.” This will make it a breeze to find those easily-lost items (hello, keys!), so you can save time and hassle. This is why I love my #3 bag; I never have to hunt for my lip gloss or concealer.

5. Keep it or heap it.

Two questions: do you need it? Or, do you really, really want it? If not, give it away. Shelters and other nonprofits are always looking for donations.

6. Don’t shop that sale, girl!

We all love bargains. But if you don’t need the item, it’s a waste of space and money. When you buy only what you need (or, occasionally, what you really, really want), you declutter — and organize.

7. Delegate.

If you can entrust a task to someone else, do it. It’ll lighten your load. (Disclaimer: I delegate swim practice to my husband — but pack our #10 with Emma’s swim stuff just to be sure she’s all set!).

    Try one or two tips today, and see how they work for you. Try them all and you could see yourself as a well-organized person in no time!

    July 24, 2018 — {O}{O} Girl Abby