So our original plan was to go to my brother's for Thanksgiving, but they recently had a huge leak at their home so guess who has to host. I have a huge case load right now, the Hubbs is traveling so I am solo and Emma has a big project due at school...but OK, I can fit this in. I have 3 weeks to plan for 20! 16 adults and 4 kiddos, time to bust out my #8 OTG|247 bag with my old lists and recipes. 

{O}verly {O}rganized Tip: Keep a designated #8 OTG|247 bag in the kitchen pantry with all Thanksgiving recipes, lists and notes.

- Week #1- Communicate event times and details to guests

- Week #1- Plan the menu: A few things to note when doing the menu.

  1. Make master grocery list while planning: One for dry goods and one for perishables
  2. Make master cook time list while planning too: Don't forget to consider oven space!
  3. Can any items be made ahead?

- Week #1- Designate serving platters for each menu item: I use post-its to label, that way if I need anything I have plenty of time to order what I need.

- Week #1- Plan for the table scape and place the flower order, again, if you need anything you have time to order

- Week #2- Order the turkeys: I do 2, one roasted and one fried and order them from Whole Foods market.

- Week #2- Grocery Shop for the dry goods

- Week #2- Liquor Run: Lots of VINO is a MUST when family is involved

- Week #2- Run to Michaels and grab a few festive craft items to keep the kids busy during the day.

- Week #3-

  1. House Prep
  2. Grocery Shop Perishables
  3. Set Table
  4. Make any "make ahead" items
  5. Ingredient Prep and label. This can save you a lot of time on the big day. Get your ingredients washed and chopped, then place them in labeled ZIPLOCS in the fridge.

- Day of- You should be prepped and ready to go. Follow your timeline, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy your guests!

November 07, 2017 — {O}{O}Girl Abby