Have you ever seen the movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It? That's my life! Since I'm constantly running around and managing multiple schedules, my lists keep my organized.  My MASTER list is broken in to several other lists: the TO DO WORK LIST, TO DO PERSONAL LIST, TO BUY LIST, HONEY DO LIST (yes this list is for the hubbs), ASSISTANT LIST and TO PACK LIST. I've gotten to the point that if I don’t put it on a list, it probably isn’t going to happen. 

It's pretty self-explanatory with the day-to-day things, but I use my TO PACK LIST each night so we are prepared for the next day. YES, I said WE: myself, Emma and Mark, my amazing, but SPOILED husband. I use OTG|247 bags to pack whatever is needed in different colored bags and line them up by the back door. That way, when we all run out the door in the a.m., we can throw the OTG|247 bags in our totes. Below is what I typically pack…

#10- Boxing Gear- 1 for me and 1 for the Hubbs - we're both obsessed! It's a workout and therapy session in one!

#8-  Workout Clothes- Again, 1 for me and 1 for the Hubbs

#10- Files for court

#8 –Binder/Notes for PTA Meeting. I am chairing the Spaghetti Dinner! 

#9-  Laptop 

#8-  Emma’s PE clothes/shoes

#10- Emma’s swim stuff for After-School Swim Lessons

#7-  After-school snack for Emma

September 08, 2017 — {O}{O} Girl Abby