I don’t know about you, but just looking at my kid’s schedules this year is giving me anxiety! I only have one kid in school, Kendall, but I also have a baby at home, Stella! In addition to school, we have weekly Mommy & Me gymnastics, ballet, swimming and soccer. It seems like we need a bunch of supplies, sports gear, or just STUFF for every activity! No matter how much I shoved in my tote, I always forgot something. 

I decided to simplify my life and organize activities with OTG|247 by bag and color.  My mudroom has a bench and I line-up the bags so they are easy to grab when we’re running out the door.  In addition to these, I fill a #7 FOODIE every morning with drinks and snacks for the day! 

With this system, I show up to every activity ready to go!  Every Sunday I pack my bags like this for the week:

 #10 Emily Chevron Gold- (Kendall weekly stuff for school) Change of clothes, sunscreen, blanket/sheet for nap

 #5 Erin Stripe Orange - (Stella Mommy & Me Gymnastics) Baby gym outfit and a pair of adult socks. I mean seriously, the amount of gym socks I’ve had to buy because I kept on forgetting to pack them last year!

 #8 Hot Pink - (Kendall Ballet) Leotard, tutu, tights, ballet shoes, hair stuff & brush

#10 Nudie Green - (Stella ISR Swimming Lessons) Towel, swim diaper, meal Log

#10 Nudie Hot Pink - (Kendall Swimming) Towel, suit, goggles, toys

#8 Orange - (Kendall Soccer) Shin guards, socks, cleats, sunscreen, hat